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Save the Dragons


THE HONESTY BOX – my readers are not thieves.

This book was published in late 2009 as a serial, story-teller’s bowl tale to help with the astronomical expense of moving (and putting in quarantine) our dogs and cats from South Africa to Australia. I am of the belief that there is an unwritten but absolutely binding contract between me and animals: they give me their unconditional love and loyalty. I can do no less than try to do the same. Sometimes that means hard decisions about what is best and kindest for them. All of our beasties were, in some way, totally unsuited to being rehomed. Moving them cost us in the end around $26 000 – money we just didn’t have. The Save the Dragons fundraiser brought in just over $10600 – which made it possible. Thank you all so much. The end result left us broke, but at least I remained me, and we brought the beasties home.

I owe my deepest thanks to Walt Boyes who helped me believe I could do this, and who did a great deal of the promotion and organising. It would also never have happened without the vast amount of help and computer-side skill and knowledge of Francis Turner, who made the website, put up the chapters etc. I couldn’t have done it without you guys. Many friends in the writing world helped publicise it, and donated to it. As I know how hard just pushing your own work can be, and how broke most of us are, I appreciate this no end and will always treasure it.

We had hoped, after seventeen thousand readers had visited the site, to get a publisher to print it, with me taking my advance in copies (and thus it being a lot cheaper for the publisher, who makes a profit on those copies), which would then be shipped to all the people who gave $25 to the fundraiser. To date, despite doing a round of all the publishing houses, we have no takers – there are no electronic rights to sell (as it has been available for free) and the sure-sales hard-cover customers would mostly be getting a free copy.

We will continue to try.

In the meanwhile the book will be available for download, on an honesty box system. If you gave to the original fundraiser, please help yourself to a copy, and be sure I and my beasties remember your kindness with appreciation and affection. If you didn’t: this is still my book, my livelihood, my months of hard work. Stealing from authors (who earn about on average 1/2 minimum wage, and I am pretty close to average) is not far off pinching granny’s pension money on the Robin Hood scale. If you’re the kind of person who nicks stuff just because they can from someone who has trusted you, you’re not going to enjoy my work anyway, as I have a fairly low opinion of your ethics and values, and that shows in my writing. There is a donation button on the front page. It’d be a help if you gave what you’d have spent on an e-book from another widely published author – between $3-$5 is what I would have got if I put it up on Amazon, would seem pretty fair to me.
But it is up to you.

Unfortunately, with worpress, I cannot put it on this website except as a .pdf. So here are links to where it can be downloaded as an .epub, .mobi, or in web format.
Save the Dragons! mobi (kindle reader)
Save the Dragons! epub! (most other)
Save the Dragons! web format

10 Responses to Save the Dragons

  1. lekysma

    wow, just downloaded the mobi file of this book, and it rocks. I have read a couple of your books, including dragon ring, and this one is far funnier, an amazing story. I would pay for another one

    • Dave Freer

      Well, Thank you! I thought so too 🙂 but then I am possibly biased. I don’t think it left many sacred cows un-slaughtered and gently turning on the spit at a vegan wedding reception ;-/

      I’m working on two other humor novels which I’ll be bringing out eventually on kindle (in the next year). While my reprehensible sense of humor is usually there in the background, it only really gets let off the leash in this, the Bolg PI stories, the Rats Bats and Vats stories and Pyramid Scheme stories. The rest are sort of serious. Well, mostly. There are parts of SLOW TRAIN TO ARCTURUS which are really tongue in cheek too.


  2. Clay Phennicie

    I deeply hope that there will be sequels to Dragon’s Ring and Dog and Dragon in printed format. Thank you very much for a great new approach to dragons. The Trickster – that’s great!

    • Dave Freer

      It’s a bit uncertain at the moment. I will be writing at least one more, but it may possibly just got to e-book (if I do it myself the time investment in doing a paper version is high, and I can’t price to compete with mass market paper-backs)

  3. Paul (Drak Bibliophile) Howard

    Downloaded Save The Dragons! [Smile]

  4. kristopher

    Are you going to make a dragon’s ring book 3 and/or more of this series?

    I love dragons and this series and I’m hoping for a book 3 to come out.
    The characters are fun and interesting. but there are unanswered questions and the awesome adventure isn’t over. right? Please SAVE THE DRAGONS (in this series) ;3

    What books do you think I would like that have dragons in it?
    I love both books and the world you have created. Thank you :3

    • Dave Freer

      Dragon’s Ring 3 has been vaguely talked about – no real commitment from Baen at this stage. If nothing happens I’ll do it myself and self-publish, as I know exactly what I want to write about. Save the dragons – I’ve had a brief chat to some friends about doing a prequel. That is less certain, although it would be fun.

      • Kristopher

        Thank you for reply.

        Thats cool! but most people want a sequel more than a prequel because the majority of the people want to know what happens next.
        But I will get them both anyways. Lol

        What about a sequel and a prequel? That way you fulfill your readers a dragon’s ring past and future of dog and dragon.
        just take your time and have fun writing. Just gave me a date when possible.

        Thank you for the dragon’s ring books, They are fun to read! :3

        • Dave Freer

          Eh. A date is hard! I have contracts to finish, and then a queue of books needing to be written. The Dragon’s Ring ones are about 6 down :-(… that can change, if I got offered a contract for them.

          I know the ‘what happens next’ syndrome, but the what happens before would be different characters – and I know, all too well, people will want to know what happens to them.

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