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A big change

Posted by on August 16, 2011

Dave Freer is having a face lift.  Well Dave isn’t, but the website is.  I can’t quite imagine Dave having a facelift :O.

We are working on changes to how this website will look and hope you will enjoy the new

Whilst you wait for the updates, don’t miss out on Dave, keep in touch by checking out Flinders Family Freer and the other blogs he posts on.  Just follow the links.

2 Responses to A big change

  1. Francis Turner

    Do you want the savethedragons stuff? it’s still up at and can easily be zipped up, emailed etc.

    If not you can always link to it…

    Also you can get a better res version of Dave Freer from the top of Dragon’s ring by doubling and cropping

    • Tania Shipman

      Thanks Francis, I’ll work on that. I’ll check with Dave about either copying the information or linking to it.

      I’ll crop the image later today.

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