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Changeling’s Island E-Arc

Posted by on January 11, 2016

Is available from Baen

changeling's Island cover

4 Responses to Changeling’s Island E-Arc

  1. Fred2

    Very much enjoyed the book, and I’m not the target market, it was nice to see a YA book that was so positive and had sense of place. Well done.

    My only complaint… I hated the dog on the front cover, which looks like a wire haired Dachhund got crossed with a small wolfhound. ( is that even possible? The mind boggles.) The dog in the book sounded much better.

  2. DH

    Bought it on Sarah Hoyt’s recommendation at Instapundit. Read it and enjoyed it. Gave it to my son for him to read now. Thanks for writing it.

    Oh, and now I really want to visit Flinders Island. But we live in California, so it won’t happen soon.

  3. Margie Headlam

    Just finished reading this book. What a great tale. Young readers should love it.

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