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Posted by on June 11, 2014

Stardogs, my first independent new release (I have put up A Mankind Witch and Morningstar when their rights reverted is now available on Amazon. In the next few days I will be getting it onto Smashwords (which means B&N, Apple etc) and createspace (for those who want paper copies will follow). If you want to buy it and click via the picture (it’s a link) it earns me a few extra percent.

19 Responses to STARDOGS

  1. Groblek

    Shiny! Do you get better terms from one of the vendors than the others? We usually get ebooks through Apple, but I can make an exception if elsewhere is better for you.

  2. Dave Freer

    Groblek :-)!
    How are you and the family?

    At the moment I get better terms from Amazon, especially through the associates link. πŸ™‚ If you like you can email me and I’ll send you an .epub version in lieu πŸ™‚



    • Groblek

      We’re doing fairly well, and well on the way towards raising a future geek. πŸ™‚

      Thanks for the answer, though it took me a long while to see your response – I seem to have forgotten to check the “notify me on reply” box. I ended up picking it up through Amazon, though I have yet to get down far enough in the “To read” pile to read it. Wrangling a 3-year old has cut into my reading time a bit. πŸ™‚

      I miss Livejournal – I’ve lost track of many of the authors who have moved away from it, yourself included, now that I don’t have an easy single place to go to keep up with them. I hope you’re doing well and that I haven’t missed too much.

  3. Dennis Swaney

    Dave, why not from Baen like your other books? I prefer dealing with them. I do use Amazon’s Kindle format but, in order to get proper page numbers and collection sorting, after purchase I have to strip the DRM and then convert to ePub.

    BTW, I read “Slow Train to Arcturus” years ago and just bought the ePub from Baen.

    • Dave Freer

      Dennis, it’s a question of both time and economics. I’m now selling quite a lot via Amazon (and other online retailers). While I’d be perfectly happy just to go on selling via Baen IF I could survive financially. Few people realize that I get around 64 cents from a paperback – or from an e-book priced at the $3.99 point, 80 cents from Baen (and about 70 cents from the rest), paid up to 18 months after the sale… but when I sell it directly, I get $2.70, and I get paid after 2 months, regularly, reliably with up to minute transparent accounting (whereas with Baen – or any other publisher, I don’t know for at BEST 11 months (and 18 happens regularly), and it’s totally opaque). Now I like writing, but it is my way of earning a living. So, because I like it, I’d put up with just being able to write, as long as I had enough to live modestly on… but this year I might not even earn $10K. That’s tough, even for me. The second aspect is the time and (in)convenience factor. Sure, I’d love nothing more than just to write. No covers, no admin, no proofs, no promotion etc. I just write as fast and much as I can. But the truth is I don’t get that from Baen or Pyr or anyone else. What I get is a process where I can easily spend several years waiting for a response to either a book or a book proposal. And edits and proofs… work on their time, and, without my input, average quality (so I’d rather pay someone to do it, and at least then if it sucks, it is my fault). Promotion is laclustre to non-existent, so in my inept fashion I have to do it anyway. Now this ‘wait’ (to get a book/proposal approved, to get edits, to get paid etc… is hell on my productivity. I’ll work out a book outline, and write the first 5 chapters… submit. And then not hear anything for a long time (it’s been as much as 10 years). And then suddenly “oh we want that book in 3 months” – I have to try to recapture that moment, get back into it, drop work I’m doing etc. Or I might write the whole book – a process that takes me 2-5 months depending… and they won’t accept it – possibly ever, or possibly for years. That’s a big hole in my very thin income stream. Now, I’m not a new writer. I’m 15 years from my first sale, I’ve written a lot of books, sold by the figures that we see, at least 1/3 million books. My sales, it appears, do increase… but not enough for me to live on, doing it the old way. It’s reached an end point: I can’t do this any more via Baen or any of the others. If I am to go on writing full time, I have to be able pay the bills, and also not waste so much time on the process and produce more books: which is why I am going alone. So I am very grateful to you for supporting my effort to go on writing.

      • Dennis Swaney

        Let’s see; you get $2.70 on a $3.99 e-book sale or about 67%.
        Isn’t Apple’s rate 30% to them and 70% to author/developer? If so, then from Apple you’d get about $2.79. Of course I’ve noticed that Apple iBookstore prices are a little higher than Amazon Kindle prices, so you’d probably get more. The biggest problem with Kindle books is the file format – epub is better than mobi

        • Dave Freer

          Dennis – my typo – I hit 0 not 9. Amazon pay 70% too. Apple, unfortunately for me, joins B&N as setting obstacles I cannot cross without Smashwords – which reduces my take from them. My sales to B&N are around 1/20th of my sales via Amazon, and my sales to Apple are a 1/4 of that again. While I am grateful for the sales I get via Apple, I’d starve under a bridge selling via Apple only.

          I’d agree the .epub is an easier and stable format.

  4. Jack L Knapp

    I have a couple of comments I’d prefer to make privately. I’m a long-time reader and I’ve just purchased Stardogs; the comments refer to the book.

  5. Gary V

    Dave, I just read Stardogs and really enjoyed it. However, you could really have used an editor, or a better editor, I’m sad to say. Not in terms of content, but in terms of things like missing words, or extra words. Also, none of the special characters like a superscript C (I’m guessing, it was for temperatures, anyway), or the accented e in blasΓ© were rendered correctly on my Kindle. The superscript C was rendered as an “o” and the accented e was a “?.”

    In any case, I hope you’ll write a sequel to Stardogs, as I’d love to see the story continue πŸ™‚ Oh, and more “Dragon Ring” novels please πŸ™‚

    • Dave Freer

      Gary, this was something of an experiment on VERY limited means (basically I did it because we’re borderline broke – traditional publishing pays incredibly slowly and very poorly :-/) It has worked quite well, so the next there will be an external editor (or rather, proof-reader). Did you buy this on Kindle or otherwhere – I had various ‘translation’ hassles (which I thought I’d avoided by going via HTML – which was a major hassle) I’d like to track the errors down and fix them.

      • Gary V

        I bought the Kindle version of Stardogs.

        I’m glad to hear that this “experiment” worked well, and I’m looking forward to more of your books πŸ™‚ BTW, is the “Dragon Ring” series tied up with Baen, or can you publish those on your own?

        • Dave Freer

          Neither Baen nor Pyr own the Universes/settings of my books :-). So yes, I will be doing another Dragon’s Ring/ Dog and Dragon one. I will offer it to them. If we can’t agree terms, I’ll do it myself. But right now the schedule is finish JOY COMES WITH THE MOURNING, edit and send off CHANGELING’S ISLAND, then I am going to finish writing SPACE GYPSIES edit ‘TOWER’ and… then have Christmas with my kids. Then I shall probably write the Karres book for Baen, and then I have to decide between CLOUD CASTLES (sf set on a gas giant) and TOM (about a kitten transformed into an apprentice by a curmudgeonly magician.) That’ll probably see me to this time next year… then I have one final Heirs book to write for Baen. Then I have to decide what I do next (I have a list, a huge one, that includes THE DRAGON PUP (Dragons’s Ring). I can’t write as fast as I have ideas…

          • Gary V

            Wow! That’s a lot of books in one year!

            I’ve been planning on reading the Baen Karres books, just haven’t gotten to them yet. I really enjoyed Schmitz’s original.

            “Cloud Castles” or “Tom?” Go with “Cloud Castles” πŸ™‚

            Write faster! LOL!

  6. Dave Freer

    If one might enquire as to age said Geek?

    • Groblek

      Three and a half now, working steadily towards four. He’s currently obsessed by Frozen, The Incredible Hulk, Inigo Montoya, and Wonder Woman. And Trains. Lots of Trains. Fortunately, we live near the California State Railroad Museum, and so can indulge that last. He’s also fond of saying Bwahaha. That one’s my fault. πŸ™‚

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