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Dog and Dragon, Paperback

Posted by on March 27, 2013

I believe – no one tells authors these things, what do they have to do with their books? and of what possible interest could it be to their readers and followers, after all? – that the Paperback launch of DOG & DRAGON was today. I believe Barnes and Noble and Simon and Schuster (who do a laughable -in the if I don’t laugh I’m gonna cry sense job of distribution of my books for Baen) are having a ‘how’s-your-father’ which means B&N have apparently reduced their order by 90% – only taking bestsellers. So: if you haven’t got a copy, if you want a copy, or want to support a struggling author to the princely tune of 7.99 (yes, I will get 64 cents of that :-)) – please, it’s available.

(that’s a link, folks, if you click on the picture. I get almost just as much from you using that link to buy this (as well as any other Amazon products you happen to buy at the same time) as I do from my publisher. Also, I get it sooner.)
It’s also there as an e-book. I’m not sure how much I’ll be paid for that, but I am almost sure something.

The link however good for me 🙂

4 Responses to Dog and Dragon, Paperback

  1. Frances Law

    Hi Dave! Just wanted to tell you that I just read The Forlorn for the first time & thought it was terrific. I think it was your first published work & as such needs to be revisited & expanded. Maybe a sequel (?) or just a continuation & expansion. Reading others comments on the Baen site I think you would have a sure sale.
    Just as a matter of interest I lived in SA for 14 years & now live in Sydney.
    It must be really tough making a living in your field & you deserve to succeed.
    Good luck

    • Dave Freer

      Hi Francis -I’ve just got the rights back for it, and will be doing a revisit soon, before I put up on Amazon – for a little extra income we hope! I must say I cannot imagine going back to South Africa, much though I loved parts of it, and people there… but I think Sydney frightens me more!:-)

    • Mimi

      Oh, I LOVE this: Through reading, we can ecperienxe what life is like, what it should be like, and what we hope it will be like, as well as what we hope it will never be like. You can read to escape or you can read to embrace.

  2. Ernest

    Hi Dave,
    Just a note that my B&N in the wilds of Colorado had two copies of Dog & Dragon a few days ago, one of which was my intro to your work. I liked my preliminary skim enough to dig for Dragon’s Ring to read first. No paper copies of Dragon’s Ring, so I bought the ebook from the Baen site. I’m enjoying it, and will be checking out your other titles. Thanks for doing what you do.

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