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E-book shorts

Posted by on December 3, 2011

I’m busy putting up some of mine on Smashwords and Kindle

Are my two very own efforts so far

4 Responses to E-book shorts

  1. Greg Gammon

    Mr Freer — I’m impressed with your website and your e-book self-promotion. Has it been successful for you? I’m weighing whether or not to enter into the whole writing/publishing/self-promoting thing and would love to know if it’s a money-maker.

    • Dave Freer

      Greg, as a cost effective way of making a fortune… do something else. However if you want to write, need some form of return on it (for validation or profit – both being good reasons) and you are prepared to 1)work hard for a long time. 2)gamble, it is worth pursuing. ATM the e-books are a sideline for me, and have only been shorts and a fraction of what I know I need to do – and especially short novels be added. They made about 7% of my total income. BUT… the money is paid on time, and it helps to bridge the awkward gaps. I’m hoping to have several novels up this year and a slew more shorts – I think it worth while to at least experiment. Ask me again at the end of the year.

  2. Cedar

    So, it’s a year later… How are they doing?

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