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Free story in Heirs of Alexandria Universe

Posted by on May 16, 2013

THE KRUMHORN AND MISERICORDE A longish short story, concerning the back history of a character who has appeared in a number of the books and in the new one (BURDENS OF THE DEAD, Due out on the 4th of June from Baen Books) takes a major role. It is set in the Heirs of Alexandria Universe -SHADOW OF THE LION,





For completists – THE WITCH’S MURDER also fits in that universe.

Eric and I planned a series of murder mysteries with a little element of magic, set in that Universe. It could still happen.

Oh -all of the pictures are links -and if you use them I get another 6% from Amazon. Costs you no extra. Just sayin’ 🙂

5 Responses to Free story in Heirs of Alexandria Universe

  1. Eleanor

    Wow! Thank you for the story about Antimo and the Duke. I really enjoy the Heirs of Alexandria series. Looking forward to the next one.

  2. HN

    Yes, thank you for the new story.
    I’ve bought the other Heirs of Alexandria books from Baen as ebooks, as well as on paper, but cannot find A Mankind Witch except on Amazon. As I’m European and don’t own a Kindle (all my ebooks and reader are EPUB), I hope that someday you might be willing to sell this book through Kobo as well, to the rest of the world.
    I see 13 of your books for sale there, both the new Cuttlefish and Steam-Mole books and a lot of the short stories you’ve (re)published yourself, so would it be possible for A Mankind Witch to become available that way as well, now you’re re-issuing it yourself?
    I just finished reading the Flinders blog, so I understand you’re very busy and it may take some time, if it’s possible at all – if the returns aren’t worth the time needed for the conversions I’ll have to accept that.

    • Dave Freer

      If you can confirm you got it OK? – I have used the paypal address. I do not put DRM on my Amazon titles :-). I do not believe in it.

  3. HN

    Addition to my previous comment: publishing the books and stories on Smashwords seems to automatically make them available through Kobobooks as well. I just bought 4 of your stories through Kobo, and the filenames started with Smashwords.
    I don’t know if it would be worthwhile to publish the larger books on Smashwords as well as Kindle, as I’ve read another author grumbling about what a difficult process it is to get things published on Smashwords.
    Anyway, I’m wishing you succes in your self-publishing ventures.

    • Dave Freer

      It’s on the to-do list (I have quite a few short stories through Smashwords), but they sell about 1/25 of the others. It’s not that bad a process, just takes time :-). You can of course convert any e-book format to another through Calibre (which is free), and it’s a relatively painless process. I have an e-pub of AMW – but I can’t upload that onto smashwords (they need it as a word document), so if you e-mail me, I’ll send it to you :-).

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