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the evil of raw carrot smoothies

Slub: So I was a bit wary about more demons in the cupboards. You could tell it wasn’t a healthy place. It wasn’t natural for a place to be that clean. Even the cockroaches had died. It must be cursed, or haunted with not even the chitter and skitter of a rat to break the … Continue reading »

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Retail therapy

The latest update. Full tail… tale at Changlinomicon. Forrest: They were all standing there laughing at me, when suddenly it all went quiet. Dead quiet. Even the crows in the trees went silent. The vile children all dropped to their knees, looking terrified. Good! I looked around expecting see someone from social services and the … Continue reading »

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Chill, Goblin

I’ll post the updates here, and tag them onto the whole story. Slub: Seeing as ‘Mummy’ (I thought the kind with frightful moaning and trailing bandages killing people was more like what was required for the good raising of humans, but they don’t really understand what is needed for child welfare) had left cuddling the … Continue reading »

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Changelinomicon. Viler and vilerest

More sweet little goblin children for you.

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Changelinomicon updates up

In which a goblin and a Siamese cat meet. More?

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