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The Leprechaun and the Bootlace

Posted by on December 6, 2011

Well, yet another part of the slow learning curve done – next is Bolg (as soon as I have the art) and then novels. This is complicated by moving house, trying to grow and forage enough to feed ourselves, and writing various contracted books. The reality is that an author is a small one person business, with a real life dragging along. This is not our strength, which is why publishers and agents (and any other ‘services’ – house-cleaners, cooks, childcare) are so attractive, because they’d let you write and not spend your life coping with things you’re inexperienced at/not interested in. The key of course is that that these ‘services’ are not free or necessarily as good as you can make them with lots of effort. And many of them can crimp your writing just as badly – traditional publishing for example by shaping your direction and paying pretty badly (so you worry about money and cannot afford help with the other aspects). So… well, that is why I am trying for some independent aspects.

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