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What universe do you want a story written in?

Posted by on September 24, 2011

I am thinking about writing short stories, and maybe even books in my various story-universes.

To let me know what I should be working on, which universes you might be interested in, please complete the survey we have created.

It’s a text survey, you can write whatever you would like me to write about.

This is the first in the surveys – this will help me decide which universes I will write in.

The existing universes I am suggesting are

  • The Forlorn
  • Rats Bats and Vats Universe
  • Pyramid Scheme Universe
  •  A Mankind Witch universe (as part of the Heirs Universe)
  • The Karres universe- (this would be MINOR characters, not Pausert, Goth, the Leewit)
  • Slow Train to Arcturus Universe
  • Dragon’s Ring

I will add to these possibilities from any shorts I have done, barring ‘Red Fiddler’.

It’s a one answer survey, so think of the universes I’ve written in and choose which one you want.  One universe only.


Take the survey now and get me started.




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