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I have thrown this pod out has far as possible…


If you catch it, throw it on.

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A Mankind Witch

The picture is a link Amazon, bringing me an extra 6% if you decide to click and by via it. It doesn’t cost you anything extra.

I somehow forgot to put up here that AMW is now available as an e-book from… yours truly. So instead of 6 cents in the dollar I got for the paperback, or 20 cents in the dollar I got for the e-book, every copy earns me $4. Trust me I am not getting rich at this, but it is nice to have 70% of the cover price go to support the creator, to make it possible for me to write more books. At 6% I have to make ends meet otherwise.

If you love epic fantasy, dry wit, fast moving adventure, and love dogs…

To the North of the Holy Roman Empire are the pagan Norse-lands. It is here that Prince Manfred of Brittany, and Erik, his Icelandic bodyguard, must venture in the dead of winter to a mountainous land of trolls and ice to find a stolen pagan relic, the arm-ring of Odin, something so magical that it should not be possible to move it beyond its wards, let alone take it away. It is gone, and unless it is recovered before Yuletide and the re-affirmation of truce-oaths, a new Viking age will be born. King Vorenbras will lead his berserkers in an orgy of killing, rapine, looting and destruction, across the Empire’s unguarded North-Western flank.

Princess Signy is the King’s older stepsister, and everyone believes her to be the thief, a witch and a murderess. Everyone, that is, but Cair, her stable-thrall, a man plucked from the ocean, with a hidden past. Cair doesn’t believe in witches or magic, let alone that Signy could steal and murder. If he has to drag the foremost knight of the age, and his deadly bodyguard kicking and screaming though the entire Norse nine worlds to prove it and free her, he’d do it. No Kobold, dwarf, or troll is going to stop him, or his scepticism. Not the wild hunt. Not even a Grendel. He doesn’t believe in this superstitious rubbish. He’s a man of science and learning, and he’s used that to fake his way into being feared as a magic worker. But for Signy, he’ll be all of mankind’s witches.

He’ll have to be, because that’s what it’ll take to defeat the dark magical forces which are marshalled against them.

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News -Burdens of the DEAD

Ok so – my comment about not telling authors reached someone with the lights switched on upstairs 🙂 (Yes, I am always complimentary. Never ever sarcastic. Me? I am shocked. And also grateful.)

BURDENS OF THE DEAD, by Freer, Flint and Lackey

will be in bookstores and available online June 4, 2013.

The picture is a link, which means Amazon pays me 6% of the purchase price. It doesn’t cost you any extra.

The eARC is up and available for purchase now:



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Dog and Dragon, Paperback

I believe – no one tells authors these things, what do they have to do with their books? and of what possible interest could it be to their readers and followers, after all? – that the Paperback launch of DOG & DRAGON was today. I believe Barnes and Noble and Simon and Schuster (who do a laughable -in the if I don’t laugh I’m gonna cry sense job of distribution of my books for Baen) are having a ‘how’s-your-father’ which means B&N have apparently reduced their order by 90% – only taking bestsellers. So: if you haven’t got a copy, if you want a copy, or want to support a struggling author to the princely tune of 7.99 (yes, I will get 64 cents of that :-)) – please, it’s available.

(that’s a link, folks, if you click on the picture. I get almost just as much from you using that link to buy this (as well as any other Amazon products you happen to buy at the same time) as I do from my publisher. Also, I get it sooner.)
It’s also there as an e-book. I’m not sure how much I’ll be paid for that, but I am almost sure something.

The link however good for me 🙂

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Cover Reveal for Steam Mole

Amazon link for the sequel to Cuttlefish

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Forrest: de-tails

I have a tail. A fluffy green and pink tail. It’s not just stuck onto me. It’s part of me.

I found out, the hard way. I thought it was just another one of their pranks that they think are so clever. I suppose running all the way back to that flea-hovel they call home exhausted me. I had palpitations. I asked them to call an ambulance. Begged.

They are entirely devoid of public decency. They laughed. Called me ‘fatty’. I’m not. It was no use pointing out that this of discriminatory insult is pejorative and was a compliment. Or that they’re insensitive clods. Or that I was just growing. I told them so. They said “yeah sideways, wobblebottom.” And “Doesn’t he half thrash his tail about when he’s mad.”

It’s true. The tail has mind of its own. It had come up from between my legs and was now thrashing about. I don’t believe in keeping your feelings in. Like empowering women emotions must be allowed full flow, or you can damage yourself psychologically. But having your tail express it for you is quite another matter. I saw what it was doing… and tried to cut it off.

Yes. I resorted to violence. I’m ashamed. And it was very sore.

And just then the ugly big goblin in curlers called: “Dinner! come and get it or I feed it to the pigs.”

It wasn’t macrobiotic.

It used to be the pig.

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Celebration free e-book (short)

To help me to pat myself on the back about finishing the first draft of STEAM MOLE last night… well very early this morning…

will available as freebie for… well from the 27th I think. Go look.

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Free shorts etc.

Okay Dahlings. Dog & Dragon is out I think (don’t ask me for certainty. It seems the best publisher’s marketing strategy would be to let the author watch Amazon to find out release dates and things. Otherwise… they might tell people they could buy it, and that might send customers along and money might be made… ;-/. Or perhaps they’re afraid that the author might suggest them doing some launch and marketing etc. Whatever. I believe it is available, because a kind reader told me.) If you go via clicking the picture I get a pittance extra, so that would be kind.

You can see a free short story set in the universe here

Also there is a free e-book short on promo for 5 days starting the 28th

Update: Tony Daniel from Baen informs that official release date is 4/3. So the lucky reader in the UK is just lucky 🙂

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Crawlspace free book

the novella I did with Eric Flint in the RATS BATS & VATS universe is up as a freebie for the next five days. Download it and help me up the rankings 🙂

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Bolg and others

The first of the PI Bolg tales (I have at present 5 either finished or partially so), a novella (somewhere between a 1/3 and a 1/5 of a novel) Bolg PI: The Vampire Bride, is now up on Kindle. They’ll form a sort of picaresque story.

Bolg may not be everyone’s noir PI hero. He’s not politically correct and not suitably nasty. He’s 4’6″ and vertically challenging. Oh yeah, he’s blue – from tattooing, which back when he was born, was the cultural norm. He’s Pict, and just hasn’t got around to dying, but that’s the only paranormal feature of the man. However his height and color (and centuries of experience) get him involved in paranormal cases. That… and his sidekick, Fintan mac Bochra. Who is either a physicist or a magician and probably both.

If you’re interested in buying it, click on the picture and I get a few extra cents from Amazon associates. I’m saving up to buy a pony, or at least to get enough in my associates account to get paid (I live in furrin parts, where Amazon will only send checks – and only for over 100 dollars. At present rates I should get a nice little 100 dollar nest egg from the associates programme in 2030 :-))

Also up from Naked Reader are two more of my older shorts


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