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Book stuff

The Leprechaun and the Bootlace

Well, yet another part of the slow learning curve done – next is Bolg (as soon as I have the art) and then novels. This is complicated by moving house, trying to grow and forage enough to feed ourselves, and writing various contracted books. The reality is that an author is a small one person … Continue reading »

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E-book shorts

I’m busy putting up some of mine on Smashwords and Kindle Are my two very own efforts so far

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Don’t judge a book by its cover…

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Cuttlefish turned in

The edited draft of Cuttlefish has been turned in. The book is dead, long live the book. Once more into breach, dear friends, once more.

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Changelinomicon updates up

In which a goblin and a Siamese cat meet. More?

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What universe do you want a story written in?

I am thinking about writing short stories, and maybe even books in my various story-universes. To let me know what I should be working on, which universes you might be interested in, please complete the survey we have created. It’s a text survey, you can write whatever you would like me to write about. This … Continue reading »

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So where to from here

As an author it’s sometimes hard to even guess what readers want. Publishers have spent the last dunameny years distancing us from the readers.  Readers at most saw themselves as patrons of individual bookstores, keeping them afloat, and engaging in behavior which saw them (with smaller bookstores before the megastore, and after) feeling they had … Continue reading »

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Interview and book giveaway

Here With Rowena Cory Daniells

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